Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week 8 - How do or will you make use of web-based tech or computer software available in you discipline or field?

Ok so, first it was being in Paris, then Passover, and being sick didn't help at all...but here goes I have some catching up to do...
As far as digitization is concerned, I personally am going into the fields of Fine Arts. Of course, we think of fine arts and automatically think of paints and a canvas...and what in the world does that have to do with technology or computer software, however there is of course photography, photoshop, illustrator, and much much more. I personally am going into painting and possibly some photograpphy however there is still many programs I will need to know how to use simply because technology is rapidly growing and someday it may be all that we have to communicate to others. It is difficult to say how computer software may be beneficial to a painter, however if you are doing some sort of commision work or a free-lance and you have a scheduled deadline, it may be useful to have some knowledge in web-based technology, computer software, or even other forms of communication and the digitization of the basic tasks that we use in order to communicate to simply expedite the process of communicating to your boss or commisioner.

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