Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Community of Artists

I'm not quite sure I have made any contributions to the artist's community here yet, but I hope that as an Otis student and an individual I can learn to network and create pleasing pieces that are exemplary of work that comes out of Otis. As an individual, I suppose adding to the Otis community would be to share knowledge that I have that other people do not so that I can help them out, as well as actively listen to suggestions from others so that I, too, can learn more.


I have never thought about that before. Perhaps growing up in California influences my art in the sense that it probably makes me more aware of the eclectic atmosphere around me, as opposed to say, Fargo, North Dakota. I think it probably gives my art a more adventurous spirit because I have been forced to adapt to my surroundings. The movie industry really has no effect on that, its really just the population.

Is otis what i expected it to be?

Honestly, i actually had no idea of what to expect when i came here at the beginning of this semester. My little experience from only two years with the art world consisted of a three month internship at a graphic design firm in mission viejo and three semesters at a community college no one has ever heard of. so the idea of coming to this very stereotypical elitist art school was a little freakin scary. but once i got to know some of the faculty and students, i started to really enjoy being here. a lot of the professors are awesome and most of my classmates have been really friendly and welcoming.

week 5-Foundation Foward

i was one of the lucky ones that did not have to go. while all of you were at the seminar, i just did some catching up on old homework and had a consult with Niki about my personal narrative essay. after my second class of the day, i went home and worked on a project for my sculpture class.

week 4- why write essays?

for a long time i have always wondered why i had to take so many composition courses at the various schools i have attended. Even before i decided that i wanted to become an artist i hated having to write essays. the question of 'why' became even more prevalent after my decision to make art for a living. before i came here to OTIS, i always thought art was supposed to be aesthetically pleasing and that was it. now i am finally seeing how sheltered i truly was. classes here have requiring me to start writing letters of intent to explain myself and my thinking that went into my works. i am sure as i approach graduation i will have to write many many papers and dissertations. in this light, i am finally beginning to understand the reasoning behind requiring composition and critical thinking courses.

week 3

In contrast to many of the other genres offered at this school, i do not think living specifically near the movie industry in southern California has a great impact on my practice as an artist. i think this is mainly due to the fact that i am a sculpture major, and most of the work that i do deals mainly with the manipulation of materials. i am not saying that the movie industry has no impact on any sculptors because i am sure there are many out there; for me personally i cannot see any correlation between the two. it is possible though that as my career progresses my styles and interests will change.

Week 2

After only one semester attending OTIS, my practice as an artist has changed a great deal. I have only been creating art for about two years so the entire art culture and community is brand new for me and living in orange county has really hindered my grasp on the art world. Being here at Otis has opened a whole new realm by basically tying me into the hub of all artistic movements that are currently going on. Also my attendance here has allowed for me to be pushed harder than any of the other schools i attended could have done and this fact pushes my practice further and further.

week 10

the one about me.

i have contributed so much to this place that it is starting ot make my head spin. and i'm not even talking about the money i have contributed. i am actively contributing to the comunity with my great sense of humor and good attitude. i help people ever day by giving them a smile. also i am contributing to the ipd department next year cause this year i didnt feel i had the focus enough to really contribute to the community in any one area but when im in ipd i can really give back to the community.

week 8

the one about web techno.

i will need to use the web because today that is unavoidable in big business. if one is not computer savi, they will get no where in life or in the after life fr that matter. we all really need to be computer savi because now major transactions are done over the interned and over web based technologies. i will be using it to send information to and receive information from patrons. i really will need to be in the know if i want to get anywhere.
#1 An artist is someone who creates. Someone who can make a person think, feel or see. An artist can look past what is presented in front of them and see the structure, the design and concept of art and its work .

#10 As a foundation student i find it hard to claim that i have contributed anything to Otis . But in the years to come i hope to contribute my insight on art as well as my creative sense.

#9 No, my work does not have any political message. I encourage artist who do attempt to deliver a message threw their art. I fell that is important because people tend to respond to visuals more than anything. Although i am passionate about artist delivering messages threw their work i do not agree with the statement that we are responsible to do so . If a artist chooses to send a message that is great, but it is their own personal work and they choose not do to so they should not be put on the spot about it .

#8 As a communication arts major i am automatically drawn towards computers and design software. I will use programs such as illustrator and photoshop in order to better my work and deliver a clear message.