Sunday, April 15, 2007

Does your art make any kind of social or political statement? What do you think about art or artists that make social or political statements? Is it t

My art does not usuallymake a social or political statement, If I have something to say about some social issue I will try to use it, but only if it works but I try to stay away from political issues. I think if an artist is clever and can put out work that is both visually intresting, and wity then I am all for it. However I have seen some pieces that I didn't really like because of the way they put it across. It's actually kind of crappy to have to think about what some visuals mean to someone, while it means something totally different to another person, and what the overall consensus on it is. For example if someone illustrated a camel carrying gold and a picture of Castro, it just doent mean that, does it?

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