Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week 9

I usually try to steer clear of political artwork. I would normally sit here and try to write some sarcastic, cynical blog about why I think political artwork is a joke or something like that. But, I don't know, for some reason I don't feel like doing it this week. Politics is all fine and good, it's just not my bag. I don't think it really goes any further than that...politics does not interest me so I keep it out of my art.

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brandon said...

I think politics in art is a controversial issue. More lately than ever i think i have seen more and more political art regarding the war on terrorism and and our current president. Unfortunatley i think that the people protesting against these things are actually very uneducated on the worlds cuurent postion and just do it to get attention. I bet that if some of those people were to imagine themselves being overseas fighting for our country, they mave have a different opinion. I think everyone should try and understand that we are in the situations we are now only to ensure that America remains a free country. People can also go on about how "America isnt a democracy" or it isnt a "free country", and to those people... try educating urselves and see what it is like to live in some forign countries. You may realize that we have much better than a majority of the world. anyways to end the rant, I try and avoid to add political notions in my art just due to the fact that i have such strong feelings towards the whole thing. another reason i dont is because regarless of which stand you side with, theres always going to be a group of people out there disagreeing with and you art just drawing negative attention