Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Week 8-Friedman writes of how digitization of many basic tasks has changed the way we work and communicate. How do you or how will you make use of web-based technology or computer software available in your discipline or field?

Well i havent decided my major 110% yet. But, if i do end up going into Comm Arts, web based technology and computer software are going to be my life. I will be using the computer and photoshop to create everything i use and do. Graphic Design is nothing but work on the computer. If I decide to go into Fashion Design, then i wont be on the computer as much. Although, i will be looking on the computer to see what the new fashion trends are. Which designers are creating what this season. I feel like it would be more use as a research aspect, rather than creating my product.

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G Tone said...

Since I'm going into IPD, web-based technology and computer software will be a huge part of my profession. You are able to make so many connections and show so many people your ideas through the web and it can be a huge marketing tool as well. Being smart about using technology to get your name out there and using it to your advantage is one of the best ways to become a successful designer. so as long as you stay with all the ever so changing trends of technology and understand how to use it, it will be a powerful tool in marketing your products.