Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Week 7-Where do you as an artist and individual fit into the global competition and opportunities of the day, and how can you collaborate with other artists or designers globally?

I think that art makes everything look nice. If youre doodling on a page, the page will automatically look nicer. If you dont have artwork up in your room it looks really empty. Different people have different taste in art. Therefore, different people will have different tastes in creating art. Some people will want to paint, some people will want to take photographs, others will want to design. But they all fit into the world as artists, and all have a need to create.

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G Tone said...

I am just beginning to experience art as a competition. Being a foundation student , you start to understand what it takes to become a successful artist or designer and realize you have some stiff competition to beat in order to get ahead in life. So many opportunities are opening up for us and only so many people can make it. That's why it's basically survival of the fittest. Even though every art student is trying to beat the student next to them, collaboration is a huge part in many Otis majors. Students begin to learn that they can gain a lot from listening to fellow students and discussing their work to get feed back.