Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Week 5-Write about your experience at the foundation forwrad? What useful information did you receive? What do you wish you would have received that you didn't get that day? If you did not attend foundation forward, what did you do that day?

I fet foundation forward was very helpful. Although i didnt get to talk to all the majors i wanted to, it was fun to see what all of the majors had to offer. When i started Otis, i knew i wanted to be a fashion major. After sitting through foundation forward, the presentations changed my mind. I suddenly found myself interested in fine arts and comm arts. I really wanted to know more information. Instead of touring the fashion campus, because i had already done Summer of Art at otis for fashion design in 2005, i talked with some of the chairs. I really felt like the videos gave out more information than the chairs did during the lunch. I feel like if i really wanted to get information about the departments, i would have to sit through a class, or talk to some of the students who are majoring in the individual departments. I felt like most of the staff were unprepared and they didnt really have any of the answers that the students were asking.

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