Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Week 4-What role will improved writing play in your life as an artist? Why write? If you’re an artist, what good will writing an essay do for you?
I feel that it is important to be a good writer if you an artist. Youre going to have to sound intelligent when you explain your art to people who don't understand it. Why not start with writing essays? Being a good writer will make you stronger when you explain, not only you're art but anything really. Lets also say that you were given the opportunity to exhibit your work somewhere. You're probably going to have to write emails to the curators and such. I know i would want to write a strong letter, i wouldnt want to sound like an idiot. Improving your essay writing can only help you, because you never know when you're going to need the proper wording. Who knows? Maybe some of us will end up writing an article that critqiues art work. Then we'll really need to know how to write well. haha.

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