Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Week 6-Is Otis what you expected? Reflecting back to the days before you attended Otis, what did you expect to experience or happen? How is that that different from your actual experience so far
I never expected Otis to be this much work. Like i said before, i went to the Otis summer of art in 2005, for fashion. During the summer i worked my butt off. I had never experienced work like that before. I was working all throughout the week, didnt go out, caught up with sleep during the weekends, and started again the next week. I seriously felt like i had gotten a little taste for what Otis was going to be like. I was wrong, and in for a serious reality check. Oh my god, i have never worked that hard in my life. First semester was hell, even though i didnt have class on fridays. I would work my butt off during the week, and then sleep untill 3 pm on fridays. I was always working and never went out. I probably spent a good portion of saturday doing work. This semester, i spread my schedule out a little bit more, and i am better well rested. But the workload was nothing like i had assumed it would be.

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