Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Week 4, I know pathetic

Well after almost jumping off my 3rd floor apartment balcony trying to sign in to this god forsaken blue and pink terror, I've now become able to blog. So week 4's prompt is something about how improved writing will play a part in my life. Honestly, the only really influential aspect improved writing will provide me is the ability so sound more educated when speaking with industry professionals. However I don't see how the essays we write even pertain to anything anyone is going to have to handle in the near or even distant future unless all design jobs become obsolete and we all have to become computer network technicians or telemarketers. I enjoy the American language very much, however eats shoots and leaves is more of a bores, bores, and bores some more. I pray it comes in handy in the future because as of now I feel as if they needed a few extra credits to fill in our schedule so they created a writing portfolio class. That is all I have to say about improved writing and the modern artist/designer.

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