Tuesday, April 3, 2007

the politics and shizzle

My art personally does not have much political or social context and i do not try to make a statement so to speak through art. i can understand people who do however make statement using art but its not for me. people can express themselfs how ever they want and for alot o people art is a great for of expression but im not into that type of art...im more into design and funtionality through art but if you wanna bitch and moan about the current political scandals or wars over seas that we could do somethign about but if we did it would be another repeat of vietnam because its not our war, if thats your thing go do it...all the power to you.the reason i dont choose to do this is because i dont feel the need to express my feelings about somthing that most people either dont care to look at or are already pissed off about. i dont mind political art but i dont care for it either.

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