Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Week 10-What contributions have you made to the community of artists at Otis? What would you like to contribute while you are here as a student?

I dont feel like ive made that big of a contribution to the community of artists at otis as a whole. But i feel like ive made that to my section. The section that i started out with in the beginning of the year are like family to me. If you talk to anyone else they would probably say the same thing. We're always joking around and helping each other through each class, and we just get along. One of the people in our section has cancer this semester, and we have all gone to the hospital to visit her and give her our support. When one of us has an issue we all try to work together to make the person feel better. This is a tough program. If the people im with everyday arent there to support me and make my life easier, i probably would be so stressed i wouldnt be able to think straight. So i feel like you can contribute in the littlest ways, like lending someone a sheet of drawing paper, or visitng them in the hospital when they're sick. Its not a way i can contribute to the entire student body, but it certainly making a difference in the people in my section.


G Tone said...

Coming down to the last few weeks hear at Otis has made me realize all the contributions that every foundation student has mad with each other. I have learned so much from so many other foundation students and I hope that they have learned from me. I have learned to see things from many different perspectives and point of views just by being exposed to things I have never experienced before. When it comes down to our work, i have never seen so many creative ideas all in one room. Being around such talent just gives you that much more of an opportunity to succeed as an artist. We all as foundation students contribute to one another helping each other survive the stresses of foundation year.

Priscila said...

I don’t feel like I have made any contributions while attending Otis, even though I have no excuse for the matter it is my first semester attending Otis. I do however have many plans to making contribution while attending Otis, I plan on having a meeting with the principle and maybe getting the principle to make sure there are recycle bins on every floor next to each regular trash can, I believe in doing this it will help environment, and maybe just maybe it will inspire the future generations to be a little more aware, and recycling. Hopefully with this plan it will inspire the Otis student to recycle in there own home.