Monday, April 23, 2007

Week 10-What contributions have you made to the community of artists at Otis? What would you like to contribute while you are here as a student?

I’m not sure the contribution I have made to the community of artists at Otis. I make my contribution to the world by trying to be as friendly as possible. I always try to smile as much as I can to everybody. Even while I am at Otis I try my best to be happy towards everyone, and keep my negative attitude away. While I am here I would like to contribute the most to the community as possible. I want to get to know everyone in my major fairly well. I want to leave to many friends than acquaintances.

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brandon said...

I think the contributions that i have made to the otis community have simply just bringing a new perspective to the table and adding to the creative creative atmosphere around the school. I think everyone that attends the school is constantly contributing to the community. With such a large number of creative people all under the same roof, people are inspired and elighted to new perspectives of art all the time. During the next three years at otis i hope to make every attempt to give back what was given to me. The upperclassmen have been so helpful thus far and i just plan on being just that helpful to new students to come.