Sunday, April 8, 2007

Week 10 What contributions have you made to the community of artists at Otis? What would you like to contribute while you are here as a student?
I think I have made some contributions to the community of artists at Otis. I have given my time to help prepare and display the works in the gallery. Some of my projects have been presented in the gallery, but i would like to contribute more if I had the time.

Week 9 Does your art make any kind of social or political statement? What do you think about art or artists that make social or political statements? Is it the responsibility of the artist to comment on or raise public awareness?
No, the art that I create does not make any kind of social or political statement. There are artists who can and choose to express their social or political statement through their art work but i personally create something that I like for myself. Artists have the freedom to express their opinions, ideas, and basically whatever they want to. I believe creating an artwork that expresses social or political statement is more effective and draws more attention than just speaking about it.

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