Monday, April 9, 2007

Week 10 What contributions have you made to the community of artists at Otis? What would you like to contribute while you are here as a student?

Contributions I have made to Otis... hmm.. I do not really know if you can call what i have done at school thus far a "contribution." I view what I have done here at Otis so far as more of a learning experience, because we are all learning the basic skills needed to branch off into our each individual major. And I believe that what we have contributed here at Otis in our Foundation year is the final product of our learning expierence here at Otis, a example if you will, of the teachings we have been taught. But all of this to help us contribute a variety of our own works in the future with these teachings. I would like to contribute more to Otis's learning experience next year because it is when i begin my major and can truely break away from the basic learning skills of foundation year and do more with it.

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