Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Siete? Siesta!

As an artist, and future fashion designer I feel that I fit into the scheme of things much like a missing piece of a puzzle that the world has tried and tried to finish for years only ending up to dismantle, scramble all the pieces up, search high and low for that missing piece, and begin assembling again. I know this sounds conceited for those of you who can understand this metaphor, however that is how I feel. I feel that upon my arrival in my career later on in life I will make an impact as big if not bigger than the innovative minds we all know and love today. Gianni Versace, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, all these people have had a huge impact on fashion, whether it was through style, cut, or just plain ingenuity. I feel as if 20 years from now my name will be mentioned when some other small town boy with huge ambition and the ruthless attitude to crush all that comes in his way is writing in a blog for his freshman English class.

As for collaborating, this is always a must, you must be around creative minds to get new perspectives on your already set ideas. However there is a huge difference in collaborating and idea leaking. you must keep a strong head and a stingy spirit to get ahead in this life. No one will help you out, so you must do stuff for yourself while you still have the chance to pass those up who trudge behind your gold paved footsteps.

I aint no hollaback girl.

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