Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Nowadays if one isn't using the world wide web to do at least 50% of their work, they are slipping behind the times and will soon be left behind while the rest of the technologically advanced persons of this world blaze like neon into the proverbial pitch black future. Today I use the internet to manage most of my research tasks, and pretty much all of my recreational tasks (that is not mentioning a social life that I plan on ending with a blaze of glory the night before I return for my sophomore year). I use computers to manage most of the graphic aspects of my designs that cannot be managed by hand or are just plain and simply put, easier on the computer. The fashion industry relies heavily on the net because of online retail, advertisements, and publicity of the shows broadcast on and websites alike. I feel that the future of fashion will be taken care of mostly on computers due to the boom in e-commerce, and unless you are getting a garment fitted in person (which I'm sure sooner or later they will have a program where you can send a digital replica of yourself to a designer and they will be able to tailor your clothing for you without you having to make the trip) you will be buying online.

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