Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Politics Smolitics

Personally the only statement I try and make with my art (mainly speaking of my designs and not of my foundation work) is that you are going to look killer when you wear this and everyone will want to be in your shoes, literally. There are many artist who make political and ethical statements with their art. Many efforts I can say are very noble and in some way make an impact. However there are certain efforts that just seem to fuel a fire in the wrong place, for instance many of the efforts to stop fur, meat, and all around animal products, to me seems like a waste of time. More over I see it as just a reason to bitch about something that everyone else is bitching about because you want to feel like you're making a difference by not wearing a leather jacket, but what you don't know is that the company that makes that leather jacket doesn't just make that one leather jacket, or even bag if leather jackets aren't your style (which they should be cropped leather jackets are HUGE for fall), they make many other articles of clothing and probably own another company you had no idea had any affiliation with them. So in order to run these "terrible" companies that use animals that utilize natural resources we would have to stop wearing clothes all together. Oh well I guess we would have American Apparel and Toms shoes, but then what would become unpopular because of the popularization of it and there would be a movement away from this synthetics and non-once-alive clothing towards fur and leather and the cycle you sitting there in your "environmentally safe" clothing would have to start your sad little war all over again. So to break it all down, I feel messages that make a difference in peoples lives such as anti-diamond, the exploitation of incompetent political office holders, and the messages that bring horrible human living conditions into light are worth the effort for those who want to pursue them. NOT some sad little cause that would not bring food, shelter, education, clothing, betting living conditions to actual HUMANS who make a difference in this world. That is all.

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