Wednesday, April 4, 2007


I'm hoping through my abrasive personality, and graphic artistic style I can bring an alternative perspective onto the modern artist. I would also like to present a different approach to viewing art. I feel each artist should be appreciated through his or her own style and it should be celebrated. As most say I don't really have these things called "feelings" so this "contributions" thing is pretty hard for me. I don't see myself making any contributions in the subsequent 3 years. I feel that I'll have to be very focused on myself and my work that I won't have time to create new and innovative changes and, again with this word, "contributions". I can see many of my other classmates making an effort, however I don't see myself really doing much in this category. Who knows though, fate has a fun way of twisting expectation into brash irony, so maybe I will become someone who makes a contribution to the Otis community, and then again, I might just not. Well see.

Is it a bee?!

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