Sunday, April 1, 2007

catch up

For some reason the blog has not let me log in, I think maybe it has the wrong e-mail saved, so I have had to create a new blog every time I want to post, that's why there are a bunch of Carina's. So i am going to catch up in this entry:

  • Week 9-Does your art make any kind of social or political statement? What do you think about art or artists that make social or political statements? Is it the responsibility of the artist to comment on or raise public awareness? I think that all art has a little bit of a social and political statement even when it is not the intention. Everyone has their own opinions and often they express them without even trying to. I think that social and political statements fill every aspect of art. Whether it be the style of which the painting is, the font on a graphic design, or the way one wears their hat, or the company you work for. I think right now in foundation year it is hard to throw in a big political statement into our work because it is more about technique and learning at this point, but there is still an aspect to every one's work that communicates something to the audience. I respect artists that use their art to build public awareness about things they are passionate about because it brings the artwork to a new level. This way it communicates exactly what the artist wants. I think it is important to be able to know what your artwork communicates to an audience.
  • Week 8-Friedman writes of how digitization of many basic tasks has changed the way we work and communicate. How do you or how will you make use of web-based technology or computer software available in your discipline or field? Digitization has completely changed the way art is approached and created. I think that no matter what field it would be very difficult to get through it without using a computer. I have realized how dependent I am on technology in this last week because all in one week my cell phone broke, my roommate's cell phone broke, my computer doesn't get Internet, and both of my roommate's cars broke. So basically we have been depending on one car, one phone and one computer for the three of us. It is so strange because this would not have been an issue years ago, but now it is very hard to function without technology. In terms of fashion design, the art of fashion illustration is a dying thing and it has been pushed out by computer drawings, even sewing machines are being modified with technology and digitization.
  • Week 7-Where do you as an artist and individual fit into the global competition and opportunities of the day, and how can you collaborate with other artists or designers globally?I believe that as a costume designer it is very important for me to know global perspectives. Fashion has a lot to do with always staying ahead. It is an extremely competitive business and it is important to have connections globally because collaborations and insight from everywhere will ultimately help your design. I think with my work I will have to collaborate globally because costuming has everything to do with cultural dress and fashion history from all over the world.
  • Week 6-Is Otis what you expected? Reflecting back to the days before you attended Otis, what did you expect to experience or happen? How is that that different from your actual experience so far? I had a pretty good idea of what Otis was going to be like because of what my brother had told me about it, but what I did not expect was how much it would change me. My outlook is very different after Otis, I become inspired by everything now. Before Otis I was very optimistic of the fashion industry, I knew it was tough, but I did not really relate it to my own ideas of what I wanted to do in life. After attending Otis for a few months, I thought about how I did not really want much to do with the cattiness that goes along with the industry. I considered doing another major for a while, but now I realized that I really wanted to be involved in the movie industry. I think that Otis helped me come to that compromise.

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