Monday, April 2, 2007

Week 9-Does your art make any kind of social or political statement? What do you think about art or artists that make social or political statements?

I do not believe that my art makes any political or social statements, but that can always be left up for assumption because art is abstract in that sense. Perhaps my art does carry some message but it may just be subliminal even to myself. But I feel that artists that do make political and/or social art are necessary because sometimes a message can only truly have an impact visually. Sometimes a picture can really can tell a story more than words, "a picture holds a thousand words" as the saying goes. People can always tune out what is being said but when a picture, one with a powerful message, is put before a person, then they are surely to pay some attention. And often times pictures can better express what one is feeling better than words, especially if they are strong in word choice.

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