Sunday, March 11, 2007

Week 7 - Where do you as an artist fit into the global competition? and how can you collaborate with other artists or designers globally?

As an artist, I believe that we think differently than what the rest of the world thinks. Most people think that we are weird, but I believe that we are the same, is just that our mind works in a different way. For example, when non-artistic people go to museum to go look at artworks most response you get from them are like “that’s nice” but if an artistic person were to look at the same artwork, the response you will get from him/her would be more like an analysis of the work, defining what era it was from, what kind of material were use, what style it is, etc. I believe that is why as an artist I can communicate with other artists more because our minds are alike.

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Cailyn said...

Art is a huge part of human culture on a totally global level. Each person has their own little niche; a way they contribute to society, and my roll in the big scheme of things is to produce that which is visual in our world. Specifically I want to be an art director, or the layout artist for a magazine, so I will technically fit into the entertainment business—An industry where jobs are very competitive. I feel that I will be equipped for such an atmosphere because I attended Otis. I know the education I get here will prepare me for collaboration with co-workers, hopefully at a magazine, and the professional world as a whole.