Monday, March 12, 2007

Week 7 - Where do you as an artist fit into the global competition? and how can you collaborate with other artists or designers globally?

I believe that artists now, more than any time, have more of an equal opportunity to compete in the business industry. Especially now with all the technology coming out and the need for artists' ability to use and create ideas with such technology. Many may still see an artist as one born with a gift that comes with the curse of going no where in your future, or the common "starving artist" cliche comes into play. But now I believe the world needs people with an artist's mindset, one that is used to thinking outside of the box rather than business like. As artists I believe that we have the ability to think in terms of business and artistically. And with such a mindset I believe that working collaborativly with other artists or designers will be even more successful because as fellow artists I am sure that they would understand the thinking patterns of artists and together I believe that it will result in greater ideas and create a stronger desire for more artists.

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