Saturday, March 31, 2007

Week 7-Where do you as an artist and individual fit into the global competition and opportunities of the day, and how can you collaborate with other a

I currently am going into illustration, or if not Comm art so I imagine myself going into the wave of constant compettitiveness, and trying to get work. It's funny because I always think about how many amazing artists are going to get their carreer started while I am still trying to get through school, It's kind of scary and intimidating thinking about every year that goes by theres just more and more awesome ideas being squeezed out by artists all trying to be unique and different. I think it just gets harder as time goes by because there is just so many people in the world. And with every passing year thats that many more things that have been done. I think collabaration can be such a great thing, not only if it's like a bussiness or a company but if it's bodies of work as well.

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