Tuesday, March 27, 2007

political and social statements

As artists, it is sometimes seen that it is our duty to acknowledge political or social statements in what we make. I do believe that it is an important aspect and it works as a medicine to many artists who are traumatized to what is going in the world. But I would not say that that is everything what an artist should make. Artists should not be limited to make things that the media expects but to go beyond what is expected and reach further. I do like to corporate my art with political and social changes when i see the need to express myself, but i would not express in my every art. there are more emotions and sophistication involved then the social and political things involved. Such artists as Goya expressed his feelings unconsciously without knowing that he was doing any kind of social or political movement. As artists, expressing is feeling, and from wanting to express, regardless of social or political statements, is another way to stress relieve themselves.

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