Monday, March 5, 2007

Week 5 - My Foundation Forward Experience

To be quite honest I think that there were many mixed feelings about Foundation Forward. There were some who felt that it was completely unnecessary to trek all the way downtown just to watch a couple of long and drawn out videos and talk to faculty for a day and felt that it could have all been done back at the Goldsmith Campus. There were also those who thought that Foundation Forward was great. It was considered to many, very informative and helpful in choosing the major of your choice. It was an enjoyable day that we were able to go down and visit the fashion campus, one that many have not yet seen before. Depending on your choice of major and how sure you are on it, it definately affected many people differently. I think most of the Fashion majors, at least the ones that I spoke with after the event were either affected in a positive or negative way, but it surely gave them a more clear idea of the direction in which they want to go. Personally, I enjoyed the event/lunch and I think that Foundation Forward actually did help me out in choosing my major. I was a little unsure, although I had originally come to Otis for Fine Arts, about my choice of Major. I, along with others, felt that the videos were a bit long and drawn out, however meeting with faculty members during lunch was extremely helpful and actually gave me a good feel of what I will be doing in the near future.

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