Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My expectations

I honestly didn't expect much from Otis, but to open myself up to different views and perspectives of art and let me continue to help me interpret my ideas on paper or on a tv screen. I always dreamed of going to an art skool like this though. I think for me its mostly about the people that are taking the classes with me too. Ive met plenty of dope people and they introduce me to things i never thought about or stuff that i overlook. Like for instance my teacher showed me this video. and u can check it out after u read this if u havnt already. Plus most of the time i think i learn more from my peers than i do from my teachers and thats great. I never thought that I would learn much from the ppl around me because I usually just try and figure out stuff myself... But I knew before I came in it was very comfortable and welcoming environment for me to spend the next for year learning about art. O and check out the video...... Random.. I know....................But pretty... pretty.... pretty good.... and HIGHlarios

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