Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Week 2-How has the experience of attending Otis affected your art or perception?

Since i have been attending Otis i see art completely different . At times i find myself analyzing the simplest things.I also find myself getting annoyed at the fact that im analyzing the most irrelevant things.


jamesg said...

Week 4-What role will improved writing play in your life as an artist? Why write? If you’re an artist, what good will writing an essay do for you?

Writing is a form of communication. Sometimes in order to clearly get the message from a piece of art across we need to insert a little passage to go along with it .But then again, a real artist can get their message across with just the work alone ...right?

jamesg said...

Week 5-Write about your experience at the foundation forward? What useful information did you receive? What do you wish you would have received that you didn't get that day? If you did not attend foundation forward, what did you do that day?

Due to foundation forward i am now questioning my major. Thanks foundation forward.

jamesg said...

Week 6-Is Otis what you expected? Reflecting back to the days before you attended Otis, what did you expect to experience or happen? How is that that different from your actual experience so far?

Yes, Otis is what i expected. I expected many long sleepless nights and sure enough that is what i got . In no way what so ever is that different . Although i enjoy my sleep i do think i made the right choice.