Wednesday, March 14, 2007

globalizing the globe and shuff

As A designer in the world today it is harder ot be un-globalized than it would be to be globalized. Its harder today to not know wats going on in the world with the internet and TV and newspapers and every thing just smash, smash, SMASH, in you face brotha that sometimes i think i may even take away form or patriotism or pride. being an artist i will most def be inter-twined with people thoughout the globe. i hope to become the greatest deigner the world has sever seen and then ill be on the cover of US weekly or Star magazine instead of Britney who and Nicloe wats-her-face...i am bringing back the fashionable artists...the idea of a "cool" artist. im goin to design things the world has never seen and then flip it on em and make them question their morals and ideals. people from around the world will know my designs and know my face cause ill be on every magazine. ill design everything form electric razors in Paris and hover cars in Iceland, to phones in Equador and toilets in Tokyo....there will be no stopping the globalization of Elliott "the boss" Agnew.

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brandon said...

I believe that it is true that in todays society it has become harder to become non-globalized. With countless forms of media available to the public i think artists everyday are collaborating with others around the world whether it be unconcious or intentional. I know personally that I have used the internet to look up tutuorials and forums to learn how to do certain things for digital media and those posts and sites are available around the world. I think as we progress even farther with technology, globilization will become more prominent in the industries especially in art. Many times art is a way to communicate a message in a universal method, visuals which are understood by every race, country, religion, or tongue.