Sunday, March 18, 2007

how i will make use of the internet and upcoming technology

Being in the 21st century where computers and software have become the leading technology it has become essential that i adapt to its many uses. Any company that is now considered to be a company is using the latest software and technology to either email, update, and manage their own individual businesses. Bye being in this field i have to learn the basics if not more to even succeed in such a business and that is one of few reasons that CEO's are hiring the people they are hiring today. If i were to not learn anything about what the software has to offer me than i would be so far behind that it would be difficult for me to catch up with something so important. So all in all, learn how to use a computer or get out of the workforce.

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brandon said...

In my intended major, digital media, technology is a part of my everyday life and will be for quite some time. Staying current with the latest software is imperative to maintain a fighting chance in todays industry. Theres not really much to say when my major is digital media, which is an industry that completely revolves around the use and future in technology.