Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What role will improved writing play in your life as an artist? Why write? If you’re an artist, what good will writing an essay do for you?

Writing is mos def important. In this business, if you don't know how to write, read, and speak than you're just gonna get hustled by somebody, especially in the world we live in today. As an artist one needs to know how to find the easiest route have the most effective outcome. And when you know how to read, write, and speak than how are you gonna pitch ideas to some business, ask for loans, make friends, and most of all, speak your mind. Understanding writing can sculpt your ruetoric into different forms purpose, its honestly one of the best tools. Say like if you got this great idea for a the next "Garden state" or you just created like the next "Starry night," whatever... and you need to present it to some suits to fund it. How can you present or even talk about it, when you can't even write about it? Moreover writing essays are just practice and it builds your skills. Essays are just practice for writing about the explaination of your art and your ideas. I understand some of the essays we right about maybe crap, but find a way to be pationate about whatever you're writing about, you'll find out you'll have a better outcome. And if you're not good at writing than read and dont just read some random book, read about stuff you like or your not going to enjoy it. Mag, book, whatever. Read, write than speak... thats how it goes round. Its very essential to life's expectances.

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