Wednesday, February 14, 2007

In what ways do you think living in California, near the movie industry to be specific, influences your art?

I think Cali has a big effect on my art mostly because I can't help it because I grew up here, I can't help it. Being where I live and how I feel in this envornment effects my work a great deal. I live in Long Beach and its a pretty chill place to be with its diverse people and music scene yet we can all live together. Plus being by the movie industry I have a strong understanding of what kind of movies, commercials, art, whatever is being to created. This gives me an idea of what is standard and what not to create because I usually like to stay OG and above with my art. And overall living Cali is a great influence on my art due to its diversity and its open sources.

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Anonymous said...

OK, OG. I appreciate your vision of keepin it real. I respect that and hope that your continue to embrace that outlook.