Tuesday, February 20, 2007

week5-Foundation Forward

during foundation forward, i was able to obtain information that were very useful in finally deciding my major. although i knew what each departments held for me as an artist, i did not know exactly what each majors did as well as what they were pursuing for. in foundation forward, i was able to see that even the least option for my majors held lots of opportunities for others and that overall, every major seemed interesting.

i was so confused, and went from every major to another. but through the foundation forward, the plans seem to be clear now and i am excited for next year.
it was an awesome foundation forward.
the only concern that i had was that there weren't enough tables for everyone to sit in as well as not enough chairs for students to ask questions and learn about the majors. also, if there were more time for us to share and talk with majors, it would've been more interesting.

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