Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The day of foundation forward

Over all most of that day sucked. Best part was that I could sleep in and skip this English class but don't worry whoever is watching I did my essay. Most of the time I stayed at skool and did homework for the following class and later hung out with my foreign and neighborhood friends because they need someone to help them understand why they got ditched by preferred valentines. I had experienced the same pain but unlike my friends, Ive built a tolerance. Earlier that day I had bot flowers and intended to keep it in my car for 3 hours and then give it to my lovely receiver over a meal that I had cooked. When I had got out of class, she canceled and the dozen died and Ate the food the next evening. So after I comforted my friends, I worked on more homework from dusk til dawn. And during the next day's lunch hour I volunteered to talk to the foundation students about digital media department. On the bright side I got something to eat to give me energy for the rest of the day, because the all-nighter was killing me. Good thing I had a Monster with that meal. Hahaha.... Chow

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