Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Writing as an Artist

Overall, I think that being a good writer asks one to be educated or to educate themselves so that their writings won't be perceived as jibberish. A good writer pays attention to detail, or adds more details so that they can embellish a story to capture an audience's attention. An artist can benefit from being a good writer because when an artist is educated, I feel it creates more depth in the art they are creating. When a writer who pays attention to detail becomes an artist, that art piece becomes more expressive in the sense that the visual quality is high and unnecessary distractions are limited. When the writer/artist adds more detail to the art piece, just like a story is written, the art piece becomes more complex and once again, captures the attention of the audience.
When I write, just like when I create (in whatever medium I choose), it lets my mind expand itself and progress from all the errands and daily tasks I am forced to adhere to. On a piece of paper, I can organize my thoughts and express myself clearly. With a piece of clay, I can expand my mind even more, but in a less structured way.

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