Monday, February 12, 2007

Week 3 - How living near the movie industry influences my art

I was raised around the movie industry my whole life and of course to a certain extent I believe that everything around us is influencial in some way. Growing up with my family, I always traveled quite a bit and I think that travel and different locations all have different affects on art and perception. The places I have seen and been have influenced me just as much as the place I live in, perhaps even more so only becuase it is something new and different. I think because I grew up in Malibu, a city which is know to have many movie stars residing in it hasn't affected me as much as someone who has just moved here, just because I grew up there and it is not a new environment that I am not used to. Just as anything else would be influential, I feel that the movie/music industry could do the same...You can either choose to let it influence you more so or less than it would subconsciencely.

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