Monday, February 12, 2007

Week 2 Post - How Otis has affected my Art and Perception

I know this post was from a few weeks ago, however for some reason my account was not I will post the next couple that I missed now...
How the experience of attending Otis has affected my Art and Perception.
Attending Otis has changed my art and perception a great deal. Before coming to school here I was satisfied with my work although after just one semester I already feel that my skill has improved immensly. I have learned important steps to creating my work and using legitimate process to make something exactly the way I want it to come out. I feel that each of my studio classes, even though they can seem monotonous and pointless at times, have really payed off and taught me quite a bit of information. Otis has also helped me view things in a different way, for example when I see magazine articles now I not only question what they are trying to sell but I analyze them to find out who is the intended audience, why they are made the way they are, and I am actually able to decontextualize and figure them out. Although I am only in the first year here at Otis, and have taken only 7 mandatory classes, none of which pertain to my Major, I look forward to many more interesting, informative, and fun classes in the next 3 years to follow with much more important skills and information to be taught to me.

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