Monday, February 19, 2007

How has the experience of attending Otis affected your art or perception?

Otis has had a great affect on my art and perception of art. In high school, I came from a great art program where I thought I had a pretty good idea of what art was and what it meant to me. However when I came to Otis, I realized that my perceived idea had changed. I realized how crucial the basics are. I used to think that I already knew the basics steps to art, so I when working on a project, I could just skip through the first couple steps. But the foundation year, even though it's not completed, has had a strong impact. It has refreshed everything I already knew and then taught me so much more. The best thing could have happened was that in coming here, I learned how to rid myself of procrastination. I never realized how much my lazy ways affected my art! Otis has opened my eyes to improvement. It has improved my art and my skills will only improve from here!

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