Monday, February 19, 2007

Foundation Forward

Foundation Forward was an interesting and confusing for me. I attended it believing that I knew what I major I was going to declare, Advertising Design. However after sitting through each department's presentation, I another major that caught my eye, Interactive Product Design. Both the Communication Department and the IPD Department did a terrific job on their presentations, making it even harder for me to make a decision. I sat down and talked to both department chairs and they gave me alot of information. When I talked to the chair of communication, she told me all about the field of advertising, the classes I would be taking and my job options after graduation. I learned the same from the IPD chair. Both sound so entising I can hardly make up my mind! I wish however that there was more time during foundation forward so that I could learn more specifics about each major! That way maybe my decision would not be so hard.

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