Monday, February 19, 2007

Foundation Forward

Foundation Forward was a very helpful, yet confusing experience. Helpful in the sense that I got to find out all about each major and confusing in the sense that I now want to go into almost every major. I found out about all their classes and how they prepare you for your major, the experience that each student will be facing upon graduation and the skills you develop. But what I wish they would have done is made it more interactive, not just speaking to the head of each department and the teachers, but giving a little taste of the major. Like mini classes that really let us see and feel how each major works instead of hearing what you would be doing. But other than that, I found Foundation Forward a very informative experience and I am glad that our school can provide us with such an experience. I am glad that we even had a chance to see what each major is about instead of going into it without knowing more. Now I just wish I could make up my mind about what major i would like to go into.

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