Thursday, January 25, 2007

There are many way's in which i would like Otis to affect my work and maybe change my perception for the better, and there are many ways in which it can. For the better, i think my perception has changed on a lot of different things such as advertisements, and cultural backgrounds. I look at things in a completely different view now because of what Otis has taught me and what i have learned in previous studies. I would like to thing that Otis has a positive affect on my work, who wouldn't? Even though we put money in one hand and knowledge in the other, it is up to us what changes and how it changes. We could pay high amounts of money for anything in the world, but knowledge doesn't just come to us without some sort of effort. So i don't really think that Otis is going to affect our work much if we don't take the knowledge and use it. It's like buying a bike and not learning how to ride it.


brandon said...

Attending Otis has and will continue to srongly affect my work as an artist. Otis has broadened my horizon of creativity. Here at Otis I know fromm personal experience that the staff pushes their students to pull away from "what they are comfortable with", and explore different mediums, styles, and techniques, resulting in becoming a much more well rounded artist and most of the time resulting in finding out I/we have strongpoints that we never knew about and the thing I/we thought we were "good" at, may not be our strongpoints at all. Otis has changed my perception as far as work ehtic and "creativity" is concerned. Changing how you creatively think can and will result in many different things. When presented with problems, sometimes a simple or "impulse" solution wont always be sufficeint. The school has on many levels help me understand that what may seem to be a relatively simple problem/project, may need a very complex answer to sufficently solve the problem/project.

Charlot said...

Good for people to know.