Sunday, January 28, 2007

Otis has affected my art in a VERY big way. Before coming here, I had little or no desire to create any kind of art aside from what I was "good at". Before classes started last semester, I had never in my life used paintbrushes, charcoal, pastels, hot glue guns...etc. Pretty pathetic, I know. I was of the opinion that if it didn't involve pins, fabric and a sewing machine, then I would probably be really bad at it. And when classes started, I felt pretty helpless. But I chose this college for a reason. I knew it would teach me things. I don't mean just drawing techniques and how to blend pastels, but also different views, opinions, and more new ideas than I've ever been introduced to in my life. I am ten times the artist I was a year ago, and believe me that's not saying much. But I know I've got a good thing going when school makes me excited to learn. Otis has and will affect my art greatly. Last night I saw a picture of a girl online and instead of thinking "wow that tattoo sucks", I found myself saying out loud (yeah, out loud, I'm going crazy) "Hey I would love to draw that, the lighting and angle would look so good on paper." So, the fact that I even have a tiny desire to create something other than a dress is proof enough to me that I'm in the right place and that I will be learning more here than I ever could have imagined.

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