Saturday, January 20, 2007

I think Sara has a good point; in order to answer 'what is an artist', you really have to analyze 'what is art'. Many famous artists throughout time have all had their opinion of what truly is art. Da Vinci said art is research and science. Diego Rivera stated that if it wasn't propaganda then it couldn't be defined as art. Duchamp said art is anything the artist deems it to be. The list could go on and on ad infinitum with quotes from artists; this does not include the opinions of critics and curators. Personally, I tend to stay away from the words of the critics and curators based on the fact that their jobs could not exist without us, the artists. Don't get me wrong, those people are entitled to their views but at the same time their words should not govern us. With all that said, my opinion of 'what is art' is that it is a tangible interpretation of an artist's view of the world surrounding them and how they perceive it to be or possibly how they wish it would/should be. Whether the process of creating the works should include research, process, propaganda, scientific methods, or whatever should be left to the artist. At the same time the artist is responsible for being able to explain their methodology and defend their personal views.

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