Friday, January 19, 2007

I don't mean to be so literal, but i belive that an artist is someone that creates art. Having said that, the question arises of what exactly is art. There are many different opinions of what art is, and most people seem to choose one and take it as their own, and be stubborn about it. The question of "What is art, and what isn't art," hasnt been answered yet in a way that it is universally agreed upon. This leaves the term "art" open to be anything, meaning anything can be labled as art. This leaves an undefined line of who is acutally an artist and who isnt, seeing as you can't base it off of their work, because there is really no way of determining weather or not their work is art, without using your own personal taste to judge. So who is an artist in my opinion...whoever wants to call themselves one. I hope that made sense : /

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brandon said...

I think that an artist is anyone that creates something from their own origional thoughts. Whether it be a painting, sculpture, movie, write a book, or anything that a person produces from their own origional ideas. I think in response to people questioning "what is art" has a similar response. Whether we as individuals or a group dislike or are not amused by art, none the less if something was made from someones origional ideas, it is art. Furthermore, i guess anyone and everyone is an artist in a sense, its the people that apply their creative ideas and make "something" from them is what defines an "srtist".