Wednesday, May 2, 2007

#1 An artist is someone who creates. Someone who can make a person think, feel or see. An artist can look past what is presented in front of them and see the structure, the design and concept of art and its work .

#10 As a foundation student i find it hard to claim that i have contributed anything to Otis . But in the years to come i hope to contribute my insight on art as well as my creative sense.

#9 No, my work does not have any political message. I encourage artist who do attempt to deliver a message threw their art. I fell that is important because people tend to respond to visuals more than anything. Although i am passionate about artist delivering messages threw their work i do not agree with the statement that we are responsible to do so . If a artist chooses to send a message that is great, but it is their own personal work and they choose not do to so they should not be put on the spot about it .

#8 As a communication arts major i am automatically drawn towards computers and design software. I will use programs such as illustrator and photoshop in order to better my work and deliver a clear message.

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