Sunday, April 15, 2007

Week 9 - Does your art make social/political statements? What do u think about art that makes statements? Should artists raise public awareness?

I personally do not in fact make any sort of social or political statement in my artwork. I really have nothing against artwork that does raise public awareness and do in fact actually enjoy political discussions. Yeah, some people would probably disagree with me that politics can be interesting, however you should be somewhat knowledgeable on the topic you are discussing. Of course it wouldn't be interesting to talk about something if you knew nothing about it....I don't enjoy discussing everything...only the things I know about! I look at art in a similar way and when someone is knowledgable on a specific topic and choose to do a moving piece on that specific topic I am fine with it. I don't agree with the fact that it is the responsibility of an artist to comment or raise public awareness, however I feel that if they choose to do so in a fashionable way and enjoy raising awareness on political or social ideas and it is not harmful to others, then why wouldn't they. We are a country of free speech and if they want to put something out there that is their beliefs then why the hell not?!

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