Monday, April 2, 2007

Week 9-Does your art make any kind of social or political statement? What do you think about art or artists that make social or political statements?

i think as an individual artist it is our responsibility to contribute to the art community in a very thoughtful way. People have many ways of going about making statements, but it has proven in the past that art is one of the most effective ways known. Personally i dont get to watch the news that much nor do i read the news paper so i dont get to contribute in that sense as much as i would like. But when i do get the chance to make political statements in my art, i think it is one of the better ways to go about doing it. But if i dont know whats going on in the world, i dont comment about it unlike some other idiots or dont know what they are doing. I see people all the time who say they want a different president or our government is unstable and you ask them why and they are speechless. If you dont know what your getting into, then dont get into it. Art should always have some sort of statement whether it be political or personal.

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