Monday, April 2, 2007

a little catch up...

Week 5
My experience at foundation forward was pretty pleasant. I found the videos pretty entertaining, but I am still pretty set on my intended major of fashion. The lunch with the faculty was pretty informative, and only excited me even more for this next year.

Week 7
Going into fashion, I have many opportunities opening up to me on the global level. Whether it be traveling and collaborating with designers all over the world or even getting supplies from some other country. However I am not to down for third world sweat shops. Everyone wears clothes no matter what country, so I have a huge playing field to go after.

Week 8
It’s amazing how these days I can’t even remember the last time I got an actual handwritten letter in the mail just to say hi. Now it is so much easier to send a quick email or on an instant messenger. Before we know it, paper could be obsolete. However in my field of fashion design, there will always be a tangible product, but the process to get there may be altogether computer based.

Week 9
Art says a lot about the individual that made it. For me as an artist right now, I am just trying to get the basics down before going out on a whim and making some huge political statement. I feel that everyone should have a creative outlet to express their inner feelings, and it should be up to the artist if he or she really wants the world to be in on it.

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