Sunday, April 15, 2007


Uhhh.. I think the thing I contrabuted to Otis is humor and extend the idea of digital media being more than a departement- its a family. I understand digital media has always been very close together, working late, and making deadlines. And we don't work late b/c we are procrastinaters but because most of us are very patienant artists, who competitive. And sometimes we have problems with certain things going on like in motion graphics or animation. "Like how can i push this piece to the next level or where are my weak points?" I'm the guy that would motivate everyone while yet also being able to be honest and give a critial opinion about their work. I honestly cant say no to anyone, who askes me about my opinion. Plus I help bring laughs to the room, because sometimes the room could be stail and I think in each departement they should be having fun while finishing their work becuase so it doesnt seem strenuous. This also furthers student to work on more projects and make them better.

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