Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Week 9

My art generally does not make social or political statements. Not that I don't find it interesting, I enjoy art that does. But, I personally am of the opinion that making political statements is not always necessary. It seems like that's all there is these days, everywhere you look. Especially at art schools! Political political political. And it has become very important too in the recent years with the war and presidential elections. I DO have my own opinions on such matters but personally I tend to keep it out of my art. Maybe if I did more paintings and drawings then maybe I would work in certain social statements, but like i said, it's not necessary. Sometimes I prefer to view art that does not have to always be controversial, it can get a bit overwhelming sometimes.

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Cailyn said...

I would deffinatley say that my art is not politically charged. That is because I'm not very involved in politics my self. I guess this doesn't quite seem as significant as a social or political statement, but I create because I love it and I have talent for it. When I work I am more concerned with the aesthetic qualities then anything else. That is not to say that I dont admire those who do create art to promote a cause. I think we need those kind of people in the world--to keep everyone else thinking. I think it is the responsibility of anyone to rise public awareness for things they may feel strongly about.